About Us

Arvie was built by a team of passionate RV enthusiasts. A team with a shared belief that finding and booking campsites should be a whole lot faster and easier. We built our platform to enable agents, using our proprietary search engine technology, to Find it Fast. Book it Faster. At nearly 5,000 Campgrounds find and book campsites for you. Way faster than you could ever do on your own. Even at places that you thought were completely sold out.  

Arvie. Your best shot to get the spot

Find it Fast. Book it Faster. At nearly 5,000 Campgrounds

Arvie is transforming the RV camping industry! Arvie is the new and innovative RV park and campground search engine that can find, filter, and book campsites and RV parks all over the US, with just one click! Our groundbreaking campground finder relieves the stress and struggles to find available campgrounds and RV parks that can accommodate you and your RV. Need specific requirements for your RV equipment or family? Our technology efficiently filters and searches through nearly 5,000 camping locations to find the perfect spot for you! With our convenient booking platform and a custom profile that you create for yourself, you can easily reserve your desired camping spot with One Click Booking.

Your Best Shot to Get the Spot

Did you know that in 2020, there were more than 48.2 million camping reservations all over the country? However, all of them had to go through the stressful process of researching, calling campsite facilities, coordinating, and hoping for an available booking. Now all RV and camping enthusiasts can celebrate! Arvie is the only campground finder and booking platform that can easily search and filter through nearly 5,000 campgrounds and RV parks , including national and state parks, in the United States to find the best fit for you and your RV. Arvie is your best shot to book the spot with One-Click Booking!

Looking & Booking Camping Reservations Re-invented

With Arvie, you can integrate your custom profile to only show availability that match your preferences.  By creating your custom profile once on Arvie, you and your family can reserve campgrounds and RV parks with One Click Booking!  This profile is customizable to search for your favorite RV camping locations, including full hookup campgrounds, pull through campsites, national and state park camping sites, camping resorts, and more! The best part of your Arvie custom profile is that you’ll never need to fill out campground registration forms again! With our exclusive One Click Booking, let Arvie do the work, so you can relax and get away from it all.

Hoping for Sold Out Campground Cancellations? Sold Out Search is your powerful new tool. Are you tired of being disappointed when you search for your favorite campgrounds, or for one of the best RV parks in the United States to find that they’re all sold out?  And then you have to spend countless hours refreshing your browser hoping to find cancellations?  Us too! That’s why Arvie’s one-of-a-kind search engine is specifically designed to monitor sold-out campgrounds for cancellations for you, and automatically book or notify our loyal Arvie customers of the availability. Signing up for this feature eliminates the hassles of frequently checking websites, calling campsites, or anxiously waiting for a cancellation.
Arvie is your best shot to get the spot.

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